TAVtech is an intensive 5-week coding and
entrepreneurship fellowship in Tel Aviv.
December 20, 2017* - Jan 21, 2018

Tel Aviv, Israel
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• The TAVtech Fellowship takes place from December 20, 2017 - Jan 21, 2018. If selected, I would be expected to attend for the entire duration of the program.
• The TAVtech Fellowship is an intensive program that includes a coding bootcamp, speaker series, community events, and trips all over Israel. Deviations including those for religious obligations and family visits must be approved in advance of the program beginning.
• Final round applications may be asked to interview with the TAVtech team. 
• If I am considering participating in a Birthright, Onward Israel, or Masa Israel program, I may be made ineligible if I participate in TAVtech. Please consult your campus representative for more information.
• If I have participated in an Onward Israel or Masa Israel program, I may be ineligible for the TAVtech Scholarship.
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TAVtech Scholarship.

Questions: email info@taventure.org.
The 2018 TAVtech Fellowship
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